P.S. 939

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Meet P.S. 939

Sunset School of Cultural Learning

P.S. 939 is a new growing school and we are still accepting students in grades K-2.

Begin your educational journey with us.

PS939 school building's main entrance.

Tours for New Families

Please contact our main office at 347-464-5131 to set up a time to tour our school.

This year Summer Rising will take place at P.S. 939. We look forward to seeing you this summer. (Link to Summer Rising.)

Summer Rising program flyer.

Our Latest News and Events

CEC Elections are taking place from April 21 through May 9.

You can vote through your child’s NYCSA account. Here is a list of candidates for these elections.

If you would like support, school staff will be outside at arrival Wednesday, 5/3 through Monday, 5/8.

PS939's art mural on the first floor.


Breakfast & Morning Line Up8:00 – 8:30
18:30 – 9:15
29:16 – 10:00
310:01 – 10:45
410:50 – 11:40
511:45 – 12:30
612:31 – 1:15
71:16 – 2:00
82:01 – 2:50
School Schedule
Students and teachers celebrating Flag Day.

Our Mission

In becoming culturally and civically responsible, our students will be aware of both the needs of their own communities, and the needs of the many diverse communities that make up our society through a rich and rigorous curriculum. In the process of creating an equitable learning environment, students will develop the knowledge, attitude and skills needed to understand and manage their own emotions and empathize with others, thus cultivating and maintaining positive relationships with peers.  Our mission is to prepare students of all backgrounds and abilities to be engaged global citizens through community and self-expression.